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Part 61

Part 61 Flight Courses

We offer Part 61 training for the following courses:

Sport Pilot LicenseGreat for non career purposes and those looking for the lowest cost powered pilot license
Recreational Pilot LicenseA footnote in history that has no good reason to exist
Private Pilot LicenseThe starting part for anybody looking to make a career in aviation or wanting to add privileges such as instrument, multi engine or  commercial
Instrument RatingCan be added to either a Private Pilot license or to a Commercial License
Commercial Pilot LicenseAllows the holder to be paid to fly
Add-on certificationsThis is to add additional privileges to an existing license and can include adding multi engine certification to a single engine license (private, commercial or ATP),  adding Single engine certification to a multi engine license or adding Airplane privileges to a license in a different category such as Helicopter
Sport Pilot InstructorRequires a minimum of 150 hours of flight time to be eligible and is restricted to instruction in a Light Sport Eligible Airplane
Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)Initial Flight Instructor Certification
Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII)Usually added to an initial Instructor Certificate but can be taken as the initial instructor certification
Multi Engine Instructor (MEI)Usually added to an initial Instructor Certificate but can be taken as the initial instructor certification
Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)This is an experience related license with no sign off required by an instructor.  Most often this involves multi engine familiarization and practice for the test
Completion coursesThese are custom courses tailored to individual needs and typically carried out over a short period of time
Zero to Commercial/CFI These are accelerated courses that can be completed in as little as four months to take a zero time student to Commercial or to Commercial and Instructor certifications.  All but the Instrument rating would be done under Part 61. 


Students are free to determine their own pace of study.  Statistically, across the USA completion rates for courses are not good with 80% of people who start a Private Pilot License never finishing (Source:  AOPA).  The 20% who do complete typically average 70 hours of flight time compared with the forty hours of legal minimum.  We do not believe that this is acceptable so we have identified three key factors that will most likely lead to a safe, on time, on budget, first time pass completion of any course:

  1. Do not start on any flight training course until you have all the funding that will be needed to complete.
  2. Study for and take your written knowledge test before you start the flight portion of the program
  3. Take a full time accelerated course if at all possible or find a way to fly at least five times per week.  

If you do all three including the accelerated course you will boost your probability of a safe, on time, on budget, first time pass completion into the 90% column.

We have seen impressive tangible results from applying these factors.

In addition to courses that we advertise as “Accelerated Packages” we will always be willing to construct an accelerated custom completion package that is based wholly on your needs.