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Sport Pilot Course

Start Your Flying Dream Here

What is a Sport Pilot Certificate?

The Sport Pilot Certficate is a basic flying license that allows pilots to fly light, two-person aircraft for recreation.

Why Become a Sport Pilot?

The Sport Pilot Certificate is the starting point for many aviation dreams. With your certificate, you can:

  • Have Fun!
  • Explore New Places
  • Learn New Skills

What Are the Restrictions of a Sport Certificate?

  • No more than one passenger
  • Daytime flight only (civil twilight is used to define day/night)
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight of 1320 lbs, compared to 12,500 lb of the Private Pilot Certificate or the Recreational Pilot Certificate.
  • No flight above 10,000 feet (3,000 m) MSL or 2,000 feet AGL, whichever is higher (this automatically excludes flight in Class A airspace)
  • No flight in any of the airspace classes that require radio communication (B, C, or D) without first obtaining additional instruction and instructor endorsement

What is Involved?

The details of what is required to earn your Sport Pilot Certificate are in the sidebar at right. Essentially you have to receive the appropriate training on how to operate an aircraft and take two tests, a computerized knowledge test, and a flight with an examiner.

Why Learn at HOVA?

We make learning fun. Your learning is individualized according to how you want to learn. How? With us you can choose:

A great fleet of Tecnam Light Sport aircraft.

Use Analog or Digital (Glass screen) instrumentation.

Take your ground school in a classroom, from a book, or online.

Don’t know which choices to make? Keep reading to find the answers to these and other questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost to get a Sport Pilot Certificate?
The time and therefore the cost to learn to fly is based on things such as the individual amount of effort put forth, how often you schedule lessons, and individual aptitude. An average investment is around $5,000. Ask us, and we’ll be happy to share cost cutting strategies.
How Long Does it Take?
At HOVA, we have plenty of aircraft and instructors to ensure that you can move through the course as rapidly as you like. The FAA requires a minimum of 20 flight training hours, although most students require more. It’s possible to finish the training in 14 days, providing you come to us with your knowledge test completed. A more typical part time schedule flying only 2-3 times per week is 3-5 months.
Do You Use a Curriculum?
Yes! We use respected Gleim training materials and curriculum, tailored to your individual needs.
Will I be Assigned a Flight Instructor?
Yes, we believe that having a single flight instructor shepherding you through your training makes for smoother progress, though we do periodically schedule you with other instructors to confirm your learning and give you a different perspective.
How Often Should I Fly?
As much as possible! Taking your lessons as often as possible with result in you learning better, in fewer flight hours, spending less money.

FAA Requirements for Sport Pilot

  • Be at least 16 years of age (Training may start at any age)
  • Be able to read, speak, write, and understand English
  • Log at least 20 hours of flight time, of which at least
    • 15 hours must be dual instruction with a qualified flight instructor
      • 2 hours must be cross-country dual instruction
    • 5 hours must be solo flight
  • Fly one solo cross-country flight over a total distance of 75 or more nautical miles to two different destinations to a full-stop landing. At least one leg of this cross-country must be over a total distance of at least 25 nautical miles (46 km).
  • Have received 2 hours of dual instruction in the preceding 60 days, in preparation for the Practical Test
  • Pass a Knowledge (written) test
  • Pass a Practical (oral and flight) test
  • Have a valid US State drivers license or a current 3rd class or higher Airman Medical Certificate

Have More Questions? Ask Here!