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Accelerated Flight Training

When Time is Critical

What is Accelerated Flight Training?

Accelerated flight training in an intensive program designed teach piloting skills in a shorter than normal timeframe. A student taking a couple of flying lessons a week will earn a Private PIlot Certificate in 4-6 months. A student flying every day, 2-3 times per day, can accomplish the same thing in as little as two weeks.

What Are the Benefits of Accelerated Training?

Accelerated flight training has a long history of proven effectiveness. It is the method used by the military and airlines because it:

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Builds stronger skills

What is Involved?

Accelerated flight training requires you to devote your entire time to flight training for as long as it takes to complete your course. All of your days will be devoted to either flying, ground lessons with your instructor, or studying. The time required will vary based on weather and your progress. Typical completion times are: Private/14 Days, Sport/10 Days, Commercial/7 Days, Instrument/14 Days, Multi/4 Days, CFI/7 Days.  CFII and MEI courses also available as are customized completion programs for all licenses, ratings and certifications.  Please inquire.

In order to start any accelerated program, it is nessary to have any required Knowledge Test completed.

Accelerated Packages

Private Pilot Course (ASEL)

Candidate must have at least a third class medical, student pilot license and have completed the Private Pilot written knowledge test prior to being able to start the flight training.
Aircraft Rental43 hours
Flight Instruction34 hours
Simulator 4 hours
Ground Instruction28 hours
Price Using a Tecnam LSA$9,570 Cash/Check/ACH
$10,105 Credit Card
Price Using a Cessna 172/Piper Warrior$10,770 Cash/Check/ACH
$11,370 Credit Card

Sport Pilot Course

Candidate must have a valid driver's license, a student pilot license, must never have failed an aviation medical and have successfully completed the FAA Sport Pilot written knowledge test prior to being able start flight training.
Aircraft Rental25 hours
Flight Instruction25 hours
Simulator2 hours
Ground Instruction15 hours
Price Using a Tecnam LSA$5,795 Cash/Check/ACH
$6,115 Credit Card

Commercial Pilot Completion (ASEL) Course

Assumes candidate already meets the requirements of 14 CFR Part 61.129 other than (a) (3) (ii) and (a) (3) (v), has completed the written knowledge test and has total time of at least 235 hours.
Aircraft Rental12 hours
Flight/Sim Instruction13 hours
Simulator (AATD) 2 hours
Ground Instruction14 hours
Price Using a Cessna 172 RG/Beech Sierra/172 G1000$3,995 Cash/Check/ACH
$4,240 Credit Card

Instrument Pilot Course

The candidate must already hold a Private Pilot Certificate for Airplane Single Engine Land and have met the fifty hours of PIC cross country time required under 14 CFR Part 61.65 (d) (1). The written test must be completed prior to the start of the flight portion.
Aircraft Rental25 hours
Flight Instruction44 hours
Simulator20 hours
Ground Instruction35 hours
Price Using a Cessna 172/Piper Warrior$10,595 Cash/Check/ACH
$11,185 Credit Card

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Course

Candidate must have a single engine commercial pilot license with instrument rating and have completed both the FOI and FIA knowledge tests prior to starting the course.
Aircraft Rental15 hours
Flight Instruction18 hours
Simulator 3 hours
Spin Training1 hour
Ground Instruction40 hours
Price Using a Cessna 172 $6,700 Cash/Check/ACH
$7,075 Credit Card

Multi Engine Rating Add-on Course

This course can be taken as an add-on to an existing Single Engine Private Pilot, Commercial or ATP preparation. There is no written test requirement. Allow four days of time.
Aircraft Rental10 hours
Flight Instruction10 hours
Ground Instruction15 Hours
Price Using a Tecnam Twin (P2006T)$4,388 Cash/Check/ACH
$4,631 Credit Card

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