Accelerated Flight Training

When Time is Critical

What is Accelerated Flight Training?

Accelerated flight training in an intensive program designed teach piloting skills in a shorter than normal timeframe. A student taking a couple of flying lessons a week will earn a Private PIlot Certificate in 4-6 months. A student flying every day, 2-3 times per day, can accomplish the same thing in as little as two weeks.

What Are the Benefits of Accelerated Training?

Accelerated flight training has a long history of proven effectiveness. It is the method used by the military and airlines because it:

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Builds stronger skills

What is Involved?

Accelerated flight training requires you to devote your entire time to flight training for as long as it takes to complete your course. All of your days will be devoted to either flying, ground lessons with your instructor, or studying. The time required will vary based on weather and your progress. Typical completion times are: Private/14 Days, Sport/10 Days, Commercial/7 Days, Instrument/14 Days, Multi/3 Days, CFI/7 Days.

In order to start any accelerated program, it is nessary to have any required Knowledge Test completed.

Accelerated Packages

Private Pilot Course

Aircraft Rental43 hours
Flight Instruction34 hours
Simulator Instruction4 hours
Ground Instruction20 hours
Private Pilot Kit1 Kit
Knowledge Exam Fee1 Exam
Price Using a Tecnam LSA$8631
Price Using at Cessna 172$9989

Sport Pilot Course

Aircraft Rental25 hours
Flight Instruction20 hours
Simulator Instruction2 hours
Ground Instruction15 hours
Sport Pilot Kit1 Kit
Knowledge Exam Fee1 Exam
Price Using a Tecnam LSA$5124

Commercial Pilot Course

Aircraft Rental12 hours
Flight Instruction12 hours
Simulator Instruction4 hours
Ground Instruction15 hours
Commercial Pilot Kit1 Kit
Knowledge Exam Fee1 Exam
Price Using a Cessna172 RG$3995

Instrument Pilot Course

Aircraft Rental40 hours
Flight Instruction40 hours
Simulator Instruction10 hours
Ground Instruction25 hours
Instrument Pilot Kit1 Kit
Knowledge Exam Fee1 Exam
Price Using a Cessna 172$10,940

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Course

Aircraft Rental15 hours
Flight Instruction15 hours
Simulator Instruction3 hours
Spin Training1 hour
Ground Instruction40 hours
CFI Pilot Kit1 Kit
Knowledge Exam Fee (FAI & FOI)2 Exam
Price Using a Cessna 172 RG$6,445

Multi Engine Rating Course

Aircraft Rental10 hours
Flight Instruction10 hours
Ground Instruction15 hours
Price Using a Tecnam Twin (P2006T)$3,875

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